5 May 2018


With all the drama which followed the gifting of a Porsche car said to be worth N45 million to his girlfriend, Chioma Avril, on her 23rd birthday, Nigerian singer, David Adeleke, aka Davido has foster mixed feelings among his fans and some celebrities.

While some applauded the singer for the ‘thoughtful’ gift, others see it as excess spending on a girl still living with her parents.

Going by some of the comments on the singer’s Instagram handle which he is yet to respond to, some of his followers are not happy with his sudden declaration of love to a lady he claimed he has been dating for five years, especially considering that he has had two daughters from other ladies.

A fan by the handle jessy_bianca wrote; “@davidoofficial “All over my timeline… its Davido, Chioma and Porsche of 45 million that I see. Most of the girls are tapping into the blessing while the guys are shouting “Chioma cooks day and night for David… but you don’t want to cook for your guy”. I’m just here wondering if we are all processing the same information”.
In her opinion, it is better for young girls to be the ‘main chic’ than the ‘side chic’.

leemarhscouture wrote; “@davidoofficial HMMMmmmmm you are over there smiling and laughing right even @thechefchi I promise you what goes around comes around,  You are just too heartless and cruel do you think if Sophi sweared for you with the day she was in labour, you think you can survive it, how can you have someone you call your lover and still go around sleeping with girls and impregnating them even when you know you have nothing to do with them.”

On a lighter mood, videos of people parodying the moment when Davido presented the car to Chioma have been trending the internet.

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