9 May 2018

‘Danfo driver’ singers accuse Tekno of Plagiarism

Mountain Black who was the mouth piece addressed their disappointment when they heard that Tekno has used “their song” “kpolongo”

The song which was a hit during the early 2000 when it was originally released has been released again by Tekno without their knowledge, according to them, the sore part is that no credit was given to the or permission taken from them.

He went on to state that the only reason this happened was because they weren’t in Lagos but now that they’re back, Tekno should be ready for them. In his words;

“Tekno dey owe us money o… Tekno dey make us vex and if I catch am e no go like me… you just come dey carry pessin song dey go dey sing… God save am because we no dey Lagos, now set we don enter Lagos, na because of Tekno we don come here… if I catch am…”

Tekno is yet to respond to their allegations.

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