8 May 2018

A Nigerian man who wedded his wife three weeks after they met has taken to his Facebook to give his reasons for his actions.

The man identified as Obinna Ohajianya, had earlier shared his intention to marry a lady he had only known for three weeks on the popular Igbo Facebook group Igboist.

In his the earlier post he made, he wrote: ''I found this girl just three weeks ago, but I have gone for her introduction, next two weeks am going to complete the marriage journey steps before our traditional wedding.

“So what I’m trying to say GUYS if you see whom you love go for her for marriage not for s*x.

His decision sparked comments from people who felt three weeks is not enough to know if someone is good enough for marriage.

Obinna in his new post on Facebook wrote that there is not enough time in a relationship and one can ever determine the right person until they live with each other.

He added also that when you find the right person, the signs are there, because it can't be hidden or far fetched.

He wrote: ''There is no one who does not like soup with fish in it. #letdemsay BUT #obichereme #obicherem is the colour of "TRUE LOVE" #Godgiving #Godgift we don't need years to know what God gives. Only the wise can know the sign from a far. God is Love, Love is God.

Now tell me what else is Love? I repeat Relationship is not Love. Call me anywhere I will explain and you will understand. God bless you'll.''

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