27 Apr 2018

Davido causes drama in Zimbabwe

After disappointing his fans on two separate occasions, Nigerian superstar Davido finally came for ‘a make-up show’, which also ended in controversy at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) last weekend.

The ‘If’ hitmaker put up a tremendous act during his show, which was organised by Zimbabwean flamboyant businessman, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure in partnership with Two Kings Entertainment.

Indeed, the show was something “to write home about”. It seems the fans had since forgotten about their disappointments as they gave Davido a warm welcome and carried him when he threw himself off the stage onto the audience. The venue was a full house.

The Nigerian star came with 10 of his band members, who sweetened his act with live instruments for close to two hours.

However, the glamorous show was characterised by drama, triggering mixed reactions regarding the Nigerian star’s personality and the whole show on social media.

There are videos circulating on social media of the Nigerian star forcefully grabbing his waist belt from the VVIP fans. On the video, some of his security men were helping him get the belt back while others were holding his trousers from dropping                      down.

Some people described the act as an embarrassing moment while others condemned him for taking back something that he had thrown into the crowd.

“He is never coming back to Zimbabwe, this is so embarrassing. What is so special about his belt anyway?” said Magadaline Hamukwani.

“The people who snatched Davido’s belt must have sneaked to the VVIP side from the ordinary side or the same VVIP audience which drank alcohol worth US$2,000. I feel sorry for those who wasted their money for VVIP tickets,” said Beatrice Brookes commenting on the viral post.

After the show, the Nigerian star had a nasty fight with South African presenter Boity in a Harare hotel where the two were booked for their stay in Zimbabwe.

H-Metro reported that the fight resulted in some of the hotel’s property damaged and the police had to restore calm.

“It is not really clear what started the fight, but a grapevine version says Davido had told Boity in an unconventional way that he wanted to get her in bed, something that did not go well with her,” says the H Metro report.

The report showed that Boity started throwing tantrums, shouting at Davido, and when Ginimbi tried to calm the situation, the South African presenter reportedly slapped him.

The report also went viral on social media together with the video of Davido forcefully grabbing his belt from the audience.

Comments on the posts insinuated that Davido was a womaniser and a spoilt brat, who thinks he has the right to sleep with any girl he wishes.

“Is it a surprise that he behaves like this and being a spoiled brat, talking about how his father is powerful. Nothing new under the sun – Ecclesiastes 1: 9,” said Chrissy Much.

“I’m not surprised at all. He is just one angry, arrogant little man. Witnessed it first-hand.  Three years ago, we saw him at Cuban and eight women entered in his car…” said Emmanuellie Nansai Zuze Rose.

However, a few justified Davido’s act, shifting the blame onto Boity, accusing her of getting violent because she wanted to get in bed with the Nigerian star.

“. . . I suspect Boity wanted to be the one, but perhaps Davido had groupies and she got angry because honestly, no woman gets violent like that if she doesn’t want a man,” said Rose Mudiwa.

There was also drama at the entrance, as bouncers were assaulted by six men who forcefully entered the show. Chaos erupted after the incident, leading to a mob entering without tickets. Police again had to restore order.

At the same show, there was a ‘girl fist fight’ at the VVIP section where the ‘classy’ were dressed up in white. The ladies, who seemed a bit tipsy, had a crazy fight pulling each other’s hair. The fight was also captured on videos that have gone viral on social media.

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